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The semester ticket is valid for students of the

  • Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU),
  • Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (HSM) as well
  • Burg Giebichenstein University of Art Halle (KH).

You paid your contribution for the MDV semester ticket with your enrollment or the contiuation of your study. With the semester ticket you can move 24/7 in the area of ​​the MDV (excdet MDV-Nord) with local public transport (ÖPNV) without incurring any additional costs.

All you need is your validated student ID.
Validated means that you have put your student ID (regardless of whether you have had it for a few semesters or have just received it again) in one of the validation terminals (see right) and the imprint indicates that it is valid until the end of the semester.


  • You still have to buy a ticket for the journey to the validation station.  If you have just registered and do not yet hold the student ID in your hands, you must also buy tickets until you have received the ID and validated it.
  • Even if you can validate your student ID before the start of the semester, it is only valid for the time printed on the ID. For example, if you are a prospective freshman and validate your student ID as early as September, it is valid from October 1 to March 31, which means that you can only travel with the semester ticket from October 1.

Do you have any questions or problems with your MDV semester ticket? Write an email to semesterticket (at) .

What you need to know when traveling into the MDV Nord?

As of December 15, 2019, the MDV area will be expanded to include the MDV Nord area.
These MDV-Nord Expasion was not yet fully calculated by the transport companies at the time of contract negotiations for the semester ticket contract from WS 2019/2020. Therefore, this expansion could not be included in the contract negotiations and is therefore not part of the MDV semester ticket .

If you leave the regular MDV area in the MDV Nord, for example because you want to visit the Bauhaus in Dessau or the Leucorea in Wittenberg, you have to show a valid connection ticket from the last stop in the regular MDV area.

Since the MDV-Nord expansion only contains the train routes, the last train stops towards MDV-Nord are shown in red on the map below.

Where can I travel with my student ID: Area of ​​validity of the MDV

Your MDV semester ticket is valid in the normal MDV area shown on the map in blue, but not in the MDV Nord area .


Why is one obliged to buy a semester ticket? Shouldn't it be exempt whether you buy the ticket or not?

The MDV full ticket is based on the principle of solidarity: just because all students pay automatically, this ticket is available at this price. If the model were not in solidarity, you could freely decide whether you want to buy a ticket or not, the semester ticket would be significantly more expensive. Because all students pay, the public transport company has reliable income and the students have a cheaper ticket. The Student Council is of the opinion that all students must have the opportunity to use a semester ticket. During the ballot, the students then opted for the full ticket option.

How does a fully solidarity MDV semester ticket work?

All students have purchased a semester ticket for the entire area of ​​the MDV through the semester fee. The ticket is valid all day, you cannot cancel it or choose another ticket.

How does the MDV ticket behave when traveling beyond the borders of the MDV area, trips to the DB country tickets or to connections?

The MDV full ticket is only valid in the area of ​​the MDV and has nothing to do with the country tickets. As soon as you drive to a place outside the MDV area, you need another ticket. Since the network area of ​​the MDV does not always end at a stop, a valid ticket is required for a connection from the last stop in the MDV to the desired destination.

Can guest students purchase the semester ticket?

No. The semester ticket is only valid for properly enrolled students.

ID is no longer legible (optically), but can be read out electronically. What do I have to consider?

If your ID is no longer legible (i.e. the imprint, your photo, etc. is no longer recognizable), the current validity (from the validation terminal) cannot be printed and a visual inspection of the ID by the inspection staff is no longer possible.
The majority of the transport companies can read the ticket electronically. The main modes of transport, in particular HAVAG, Deutsche Bahn, LVB, etc., are equipped with electronic reading devices. However, a few small modes of transport can only carry out the visual inspection. If the readability is poor, the control personnel are advised to inform you that you should get a new ID in the SSC due to the poor readability. If legibility is not possible due to the state of the ID, a so-called increased transportation fee (EBE, 60 €) is due. This EBE will be reduced to € 7 if you have your ID electronically read out within the payment period.
You also have a problem with the visual inspection of a badly worn ID card in the cinema, zoo, etc. ... wherever you get a discount when you present your student ID card. In this case you should get a new ID from your university. For this purpose, the universities are obliged to collect an amount of € 10.30 in accordance with the Saxony-Anhalt State Fee Schedule.

How is the semester fee composed?

The semester fee you pay for enrollment or re-registration currently consists of

  • 80.00 € student union fee
  • 143,40 € semester ticket amount for summer semester 2021 and 151,90 € for winter semester 2021/2022 and summer semester 2022 (each except Hochschule Anhalt)
  • Stura contribution (different depending on the university).

Does the semester ticket include the use of regional trains from Deutsche Bahn?

The MDV full ticket includes all means of transport in the area of ​​the MDV, including the DB Regio trains (S-Bahn, regional train, Regionalexpress), but not long-distance trains (e.g. ICE).

Can my children travel on the MDV ticket?

Yes you can. You can take max. 3 own children up to and including the age of six free of charge in the entire MDV area. In the Halle tariffzone, students from a Halle university can take up to three of their own children up to and including the age of 14 free of charge. Similarly, students of Merseburg University of Applied Sciences can take up to three of their own children up to and including 14 years of age in the Merseburg tarif zone free of charge


What about taking your bike with you?

In the Halle tarif zone (210), taking bicycles in trams and buses is free of charge on weekdays from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. and all day on weekends and public holidays. In the MDV area, it is possible to take bicycles on all local trains free of charge all day long (if the train is not too full, ie if the transport capacities allow it).

What about taking dogs or other animals with you?

Taking animals or dogs depends on the general conditions of transport of the respective transport company. Please inform yourself before starting your journey.

Is it possible for students on vacation or severely handicapped to be exempt from paying the semester ticket?

Yes, students on leave or severely disabled students with free travel entitlement can be exempted from the contributions. The conditions in § 4 of the student union's contribution regulations also apply to the MDV full ticket.

Can I cancel the semester ticket?

As a rule, you cannot be exempted from paying the semester ticket. On the basis of the Studentenwerk law , the Studentenwerk collects contributions from the students. There is a fee schedule for this. Students are required to pay a contribution. Only students who are on leave or severely disabled students who are entitled to free travel can be exempted from contributions.

Can I have the semester ticket amount reimbursed upon de-registration?

Yes, in the event of de-registration or death during the semester, the amount of the semester ticket can be reimbursed for every full month that has not yet started. To do this, you have to come to one of HAVAG's two service centers (escalator or Halle Neustadt) in person and prove your de-registration.


MDV-Semesterticket quick facts

  • solidarticket: all students together pay for the Semesterticket, regardless of how often they use public transport
  • ticket: your ticket is your valid and validated student ID
  • when to use: valid from Monday through Sunday all day (24/7)
  • what to use: local trains, trams and buses + free bike transport in Halle in Tram and bus from 7 pm to 5 am, all day on weekends and public holidays as well as in all local trains in the MDV area every day all day
  • costs: 160,40 € in winter semester 2022/2023 and in summer semester 2023
  • transferable?: your Semesterticket is not transferable and you can not take another person on your ticket at any time. Exception: Your own children up to 6 years (or 13 years in the tarif zone Halle for students of universities in Halle and in the tarif zone Merseburg for students of the Merseburg University of applied sciences).

download the MDV-Semesterticket-Flyer


Stura der MLU > MDV-Semesterticket


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