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semester fee

Semester fee

A question every student asks during his/her studies is: What for do I pay the semester fee?

The semester fee is based on the social solidarity principle. Every student who is matriculated pays per semester a fee of 80 Euro to the Studentenwerk. This sum is taken for accomplishments that benefit all students, independent weather the individual student claims these services. Just this enables us to adapt the basic studying conditions for all students so that everyone can study independent of his/her financial situation.

The payment of the semester fee is settled in the law of the Studentenwerke in the state Saxony Anhalt (StuWG) and in the fee rules of the Studentenwerk Halle.

semester ticket

Finally every student of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and Hochschule Merseburg pays additionally to the semester fee for the WS 2020/2021 as well as the SoSe 2021 a fee of at present 143,40 Euro for the MDV-semester ticket to the HAVAG. In wintersemester 2021/2022 and summer semester 2022 the MDV-semester ticket will cost 151,90 € per semester.

Also the semester ticket is based on the solitary principle. With it you can use the ÖPNV in the whole MDV-area (EXCEPT/NOT MDV Nord) without limits.



Was wird aus dem Semesterbeitrag bezahlt?

Casualty insurance for students
Not the biggest amount, but very important: with the payment of the semester fee every student is insured against accidents through the Studentenwerk.

Support of catering services
This makes up the biggest amount. It means that food for students is supported by the semester fee so that the prices for the food can be kept at a good-natured quality.

Support of socially fixed rents for dormitories
In an entirely different hight the semester fee is also used for redevelopment of dormitories.
That is why loans only have to be taken in a limited amount which is again convenient for the amount of rent.

Social counselling, grants and loans
The diverse social, psychological and legal advisory package are open for you at any time if you have problems. In addition to that we finance book grants or graduation loans.

Cultural support
Because one doesn't live by bread alone, a part of the semester fee is used to support cultural projects by students for students. Whether photo club, theater or the fine arts: many projects can be sponsored by the Studentenwerk.
Since summer semester 2011 the Studentenwerk offers diverse creative classes.
Our culture and course offer gives an overview of the services.



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BAföG-Wiederholungsantrag stellen

Ihr seid BAföG-Empfänger? Dann solltet Ihr jetzt Euren Wiederholungsantrag stellen, damit Ihr ab dem kommenden Wintersemester unterbrechungsfrei Eure BAföG-Zahlungen weiter erhaltet.

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