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Doing your laundry in the dormitory? No problem!

Brand new washing machines and dryers have been installed in all dormitories since January 2021. With every wash cycle you benefit from brand new, modern devices that wash quickly and gently. But that's not all: the devices are smart. Before you start washing, you can use the associated smartphone app to check whether the washing machine is currently empty, reserve the machine for you, pay conveniently and cashless via the app and you will be informed when the washing or drying cycle is finished.

The prices are EUR 1.60 per wash cycle and EUR 1.05 per drying cycle. Bring detergent and, if necessary, fabric softener.

To use it - as described above - you need the AppWash smartphone app and you have to register once with AppWash. You can download the app from the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore. Payment is cashless, e.g. B. via PayPal or credit card. Further information can be found at Your questions will be  answered as FAQ at


Sebastian Heubach

Hauptsachbearbeiter Kaufmännisches Gebäudemanagement/Wohnen

Tel: +49 345 6847 419


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