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BAföG and Corona: Important information

For students whose standard period of study ended in the summer semester 2020, the following applies according to a decree of the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung dated March 4th, 2021 with regard to the submission of a BAföG follow-up application:

  • Students who have not yet submitted a follow-up application for the 2020/21 winter semester can exceptionally apply retrospectively from October 2020. If you belong to the group mentioned above, have not yet submitted an application and would like to apply retrospectively forBAföG, please submit the application to the BAföG-Amt within a deadline of April 30th, 2021! Applications received after the deadline do not result in retroactive funding.
  • For students from the aforementioned group of people who already submitted a follow-up application in the winter semester 2020/21, the following applies: If the follow-up application was not made until one month after October 2020 due to lack of knowledge of the standard extension of the standard study period that came into effect retrospectively in the state of Saxony-Anhalt in January 2021 BAföG granting already possible from October 2020. The prerequisite for this is a notification from the students concerned to the BAföG-Amt that the follow-up application submitted in the winter semester 2020/21 should cover the period from October 2020. There is also a deadline of April 30, 2021 for submitting such a notification.

Application forms

You can find all forms, information and tips & tricks on the BAföG website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research at www.bafö

When to submit the BAföG application?

If possible, you should apply for BAföG before enrollment. Namely in the case of a renewal application in January for the summer semester or in July for the winter semester. It usually takes around 8 weeks from the complete application to the first payment.

Training grants are not granted retrospectively. They are only given starting with the month of application or with the beginning of the month in which the training started.

Only written applications are accepted. If you do not want to download the forms from www.BAfö you can also get the forms from our counseling centers.

The application can be made in writing or electronically. For a written application, you can download the forms from www.BAfö or obtain them from our advice centers. The electronic application is possible at Please note that you need an electronic ID card for a completely digital application.

However, an informal application submitted on time - if necessary on a coaster - is also possible.

Application processing and funding period

If while processing the application we find out that documents, evidence, etc. are missing, we will inform you by post so that you can submit these documents later. We cannot process your application until the complete documents have been submitted which would mean that the application decision will be delayed.

If you want to make sure to you submit all documents from the beginning, we recommend you to make an appointment beforehand. You can reserve this quickly, easily and securely in our calendar for appintments.

As a rule, an application is decided for one year. If your training has not yet been completed, you should submit a follow-up application in good time. If there are no interruptions in the receipt of funds, the application must be submitted to the office at least two months before the end of the approval period.


→ calendar for appointments

Make an informal application

→ privacy policy

We collect personal data from you as part of the application for BAföG and possibly later training grants. Inform yourself about data protection in our privacy policy!

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