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Changes in the opening hours of our Mensen and Cafebars due to the corona pandemic

On 2021-05-14 the Harz- and the Weinbergmensa will remain closed due to bridge day.

Starting 2021-05-10 the Harzmensa will offer meals to-go again.
Since 2021-03-08 the Weinbergmensa offers meals to-go again.
All other Mensen and Cafebars will remain closed until further notice due to the corona pandemic. Please check our corona-information webpage for up to date information.

Your Mensa "Burse zur Tulpe" at a glance

Size: 105 seats (inside), 52 seats (outside)

✓ Alternating warm lunch dishes: pasta dishes, fried foods, pizza, lasagna & burgers
✓ Self-service (price by weight):
large salad buffet as well as
hot dish (gratins, casseroles, pan dishes)
✓ Croissants, muffins, sweet pastry
✓ During the lecture period:
Breakfast from 9 a.m. (Monday to Friday)
Warm dinner (two dishes) Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.
Saturday lunch: two hot dishes from 12 p.m. to 1.45 p.m.
✓ Homemade, warm, crispy paninis, wraps, ciabattas, sandwiches
✓ Freshly ground and brewed coffee specialties, organic and from fair trade 
✓ Different types of soft drinks, Lipz-Fruchtschorle, Mio Mate, etc.

✓ Outdoor dining: outdoor seats in front of your canteen
✓ Easy card payment with your student ID
✓ Surf free and super fast with the MLU WiFi in the outdoor area


Taking lunch with your child

Freshly cooked food every day

We cook with fresh ingredients for you every day in all facilities! Learn more!

Regional and seasonal

When it is possible, we always use regional and seasonal raw materials and ingredients. Learn more!


Andreas Wunsch


Tel: +49 345 5522924


Mensa "Burse zur Tulpe"

Universitätsring 5
06108 Halle

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