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mensaVital - Light food


mensaVital is a project of the product development working group of the East German student associations.
On behalf of the working group, an interdisciplinary team consisting of chefs, dieticians, trophologists and ecotrophologists is working on the development of the menu.

What does this mean for you?

  • Nutritionally balanced combination of ingredients
  • Vitamin-friendly and low-fat preparation
  • Use of high quality fats and oils
  • Our contribution to "5 a day" (5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day)
  • Careful food selection (whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean meat, crispy colorful vegetables)
  • With the daily offer, fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes are offered in a balanced ratio
  • Renouncing on fried and breaded dishes
  • Renouncing on heavily processed foods
  • Fresh and natural ingredients
  • No aromas and flavor enhancers
  • Use of fresh herbs instead of seasonings
  • Creative recipes
  • Combination of regional and international cooking influences

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Where to eat from the mensaVital-Menu?

The meals of the mensaVital menu line are available every day from Monday to Thursday in all canteens (except Tulpe, Burg and Köthen Lohmannstraße).


Tobias Schön

Bereichsleiter Hochschulgastronomie

Tel: +49 345 6847238


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