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Reusable and rental tableware

From October 18, 2021, you can also have your lunch to take away in your Weinberg cafeteria in an environmentally friendly way: You can choose between disposable crockery made from sugar cane and reusable crockery from the company Relevo. If you choose the disposable tableware, you pay € 0.50 per container. For reusable tableware, you have to borrow a fee of 0.25 €.

How does the reusable system work?

  1. For the reusable / rental tableware, you need your smartphone with the Relevo app, in which you have successfully registered.

  2. You buy a receipt for your reusable tableware in the cafebar or at the salad and dessert counter and take it to the food counter.

  3. Hand in the receipt at the food counter and then scan the QR code on the Relevo reusable tableware with your Relevo app.

  4. You will now receive your lunch in reusable dishes. Bon Appetit!

  5. You now have 14 days to return the reusable dishes to the crockery trolley in the cafebar of the Weinberg cafeteria. When returning, you have to scan the QR code on the crockery trolley and mark the crockery in your Relevo app for return.

Please bring the dishes back to us and make sure that they have already been cleaned. Thanks very much!

Flyer Mehrweg- und Leihgeschirr

Reuse: the best use

If you want to enjoy your coffee or tea specialties from your own reusable cup, no problem. Unfortunately we cannot fill your reusable cups directly. For example, due to different sizes, they often do not fit under our machine. Just let the personnel know and you will receive your hot drinks in the decanter [Umfüllbecher].

You can also produce less garbage at our self-service counters: you can fill your drinks in hard plastic cups in the canteens Merseburg, Franckesche Stiftungen, Harzmensa, Heidemensa and Weinbergmensa. Simply place them on the tray after eating so that they can also be cleaned.

Of course, our porcelain is even better: just drink your tea or coffee on site, take your time, enjoy the taste.

Surcharge for disposable containers

The number of cafeteria customers who buy their food or coffee “to-go” has increased significantly since 2018. As a result, the costs for disposable packaging have increased significantly. In 2018 alone, the disposable take-away containers for the cafeteria lunch cost over € 10,000. In addition, there are the costs for the takeaway containers at the salad bars and for hot drinks in the café bars.

Out of fairness towards the cafeteria guests, who enjoy their food and coffee comfortably on site, we cannot pass these costs on to all cafeteria guests. It is therefore necessary to take a surcharge when using disposable packaging.

The surcharges have been in effect since April 23, 2019:

  • Disposable cups for coffee / tea: + € 0.20 and
  • Disposable containers for food / salad: + € 0.30. 

If you enjoy your lunch, your salad and your coffee or tea in the cafeteria or cafebar and do not use disposable packaging, there are of course no additional costs. The same applies if you bring your own reusable cup and use the decanter (see below).

Where have there been changes since April 23, 2019?

  • In cafeterias with direct debit terminals, you first have to buy a voucher for the disposable container at the salad / dessert counter or the café bar. You have to hand in the receipt at the food counter and then you will receive your food in the disposable container.
  • Nothing changes at the cafebars: When you order, you decide whether you would like to have your drink in a to-go mug, which is subject to a surcharge, or in porcelain dishes. Accordingly, it is spent and cashed.
  • Nothing changes in cafeterias without a direct debit terminal: you decide on the issue whether your food or salad is put on the plate or in a disposable container. Here too, cash is collected accordingly.

Freshly cooked food every day

We prepare fresh meals for you every day in all the canteens and cafebars. For this purpose, the canteen teams stand in the kitchen every day from 6 a.m., chop, cook and sizzle so that you can eat a healthy and delicious meals.
In the cafe-bars, all bread rolls and baguettes are as well freshly served every day.

Regional and seasonal

In your canteens you mostly get regional and seasonal products and ingredients. We have been working closely with the following suppliers from the Central Germany region for many years:

  • Fruchthof Wulfen,
  • Tonkens Agrar-AG,
  • Börde-Vita,
  • Köhra und
  • Fleisch- und Wurstlieferant Dietzel.

Vegan friendly Harzmensa

Thanks to its regular, diverse range of vegan dishes, your Harzmensa is one of the most vegan-friendly canteens in Germany and has been awarded by PETA e.V. Deutschland since 2016. In 2019 the Harzmensa received THREE from a total of four stars for vegan friendliness. Curious? Click here for the menu!


Fair trade

All coffee and tea specialties - whether in your cafeteria or cafe bar - are Fair Trade products.


Use of renewable energy

The Heidemensa is not only our youngest, but also our most modern canteen with regard to the use of renewable energy.

Thanks to geothermal energy, the water in the heating system is preheated and there is only few energy required to generate the flow temperatures required in winter. Thanks to wall heating, the heat is radiated comfortably evenly and no space for radiators is lost in the guest rooms. The highlight: the system is reversed in summer and cools the walls so that no air conditioning is required.

On the roof surface, a powerful photovoltaic system with the most modern solar cells generates electricity, which is fed into the grid for a fee and thus drastically reduces electricity costs.

The rainwater is collected and processed in a cistern under the Heidemensa and used as process water e.g. used in toilet flushing. This not only saves water and wastewater costs, but also the environment.


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