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aid for students in a pandemic-related emergency

Corona pandemic: BMBF financial aid for students

The Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) will again help students who are verifiably in financial emergency due to the corona pandemic with grants from November 2020 to including September 2021. They are awarded by the Studentenwerke.

The financial aid can only be requested online from November 20, 2020 via the financial aid portal.

Important information on processing your applications

  • We will process your applications as quickly as possible. However, neither the federal government nor the Land Sachsen-Anhalt provided additional staff or financial resources for staff to process the application. That means, the processing of your applications takes place in addition to the day-to-day business in the context of overtime.
  • If you have individual questions about your application, please specify your application ID by e-mail only to Sozialberatung(at) Information or advice over the phone is not possible.
  • Please refrain from questions about the processing status of your application. Checks and information on the processing status cost time that we lack for the actual processing of the application.
  • Documents, evidence, etc. can only be taken into account when processing the application if you have uploaded them to the online portal The Studentenwerk Halle cannot upload any documents into your application. This also means that we cannot consider documents sent/subsequently submitted by e-mail to us.
  • Submit your applications completely and on time: Incomplete applications as well as applications that have not been completed on time will be automatically rejected by the online portal

What has changed or improved compared to the financial aid from the summer semester 2020?

Extract from the FAQ, which you should read BEFORE you apply:

  • If the pandemic-related termination of the previous employment relationship cannot be provided or can be documented in writing, a self-declaration is sufficient, from which the reason and circumstances of the termination arise.
  • If the required two written rejections of at least two job applications cannot be provided, a self-declaration regarding unsuccessful applications and their rejection is sufficient
  • The account statements from the previous month and from the current month up to the day before the application must now be uploaded.
  • All that remains is to upload the bank statements for the accounts, which can be accessed at short notice.

Basic questions about bridging aid? Asks the BMBF hotline:

Phone: +49 800 26 23 003
Hotline service times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm
Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm