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Funding of cultural projects

We support cultural projects or initiatives of students: you get the chance to make your ideas come true, to gain initial experience and to make a difference through projects.

How does it work?

  • Read our guidelines for the cultural funding of student projects. 
    Here you find everything you need to know: What is funded? When, where and how is the funding applied for?
  • Submit the application for cultural promotion. On time. 
    This will be processed and granted as quickly as possible.
    If everything went well, you have a (financial) worry less and you can start your project. 
    Please do not forget to indicate our logo on all advertising material you use.
  • Doing the accounting after project end. Again: on time. 
    To do this, you must complete the aacounting form and send it to us and (most importantly) provide receipts for your expenses.

You see, it's worth it.


New logos to use in your projects

Starting in the summer semester of 2019, the new cultural promotion logos will have to be printed in your communication media. 
Please note the size-dependent two versions.

Corporate Design

→ privacy policy

As part of the application for cultural funding and, if necessary, the subsequent billing, we collect personal data from you. Inform yourself about the privacy in our privacy policy!

Examples of recently funded projects

  • Student theatre at the MLU
  • Babyshow der Pharmazeuten
  • Fotoausstellung Trans*
  • Fete de la musique
  • MACH-Festival
  • Immaball Köthen
  • Student theatre malTHEanders
  • Campusfest Merseburg
  • Klosterfest Bernburg
  • 4. Europäische Märchennacht
  • Asien-Abend
  • Klosterolympiade
  • Sportfest für Jedermensch
  • Wärmi Open Air
  • Bergfest der Pharmazeuten
  • Holzbauworkshop
  • haltmich.FEST
  • Semestereröffnungskonzert
  • various freshmen parties at our different universities
  • Herbst-Begegnungs-Fest
  • Plattform für Sprachtandems
  • Europäische Märchennacht
  • Kleinkunst-Abend
  • Winterball und studentische Weihnachtsfeier


Dr. Anke Eichrodt

Kulturelle Förderung und Workshops

Tel: +49 345 6847411


Studentenwerk Halle - Verwaltung

Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Str. 5
06120 Halle

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