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Corona Pandemic

What effects does the corona pandemic have on the offers and services of your Studentenwerk?

Entering Germany from abroad to the dormitory and to the university

Welcome to Germany!
Please note the following:

  • Before entering the country, you are required to register at on the travel portal of the Federal Republic of Germany and carry the confirmation with you, for inspection by the carrier or on entry by the Federal Police.
  • If you are entering the Federal Republic of Germany and have spent time in a risk area within the 10 days prior to entry, you are required to proceed directly to your own home, or other suitable accommodation, immediately upon arrival and remain exclusively at this location for a period of 10 days after your entry into the country (quarantine). If you transmit proof of a complete vaccination against COVID-19, proof of recovery from the disease or a negative test result via the Federal Republic of Germany’s travel portal under, your quarantine ends prematurely. If you have spent time in a high-incidence area prior to entry, the relevant test may not be conducted earlier than five days after entry. If you have spent time in an area of variants of concern, quarantine lasts for a period of 14 days and cannot be ended prematurely. You must bear the cost of being quarantined yourself. Violations can be punished as an administrative offence with a fine of up to 25,000 euros.
  • A list of risk areas, including high-incidence areas and areas of variants of concern, can be found at:
  • Should you, for want of the necessary technical equipment, or because of a technical malfunction, be unable to conduct a digital registration on entry, you will be required to fill out a substitute registration. If neither the carrier, nor the Federal Police ask you to present the substitute registration, you must conduct the digital entry registration within 24 hours after entry or submit the substitute registration immediately by post to Deutsche Post E-POST Solutions GmbH, Aussteigekarte, 69990 Mannheim.
  • If you have spent time within the 10 days prior to entering the Federal Republic of Germany
    • in an area of variants of concern, you must be in possession of a test certificate (antigen test: max. 24 hour, PCR test: max. 72 hours old on entry). If you are entering with a carrier, you must present your test certificate to the carrier before departure.
    • in a high-incidence area, you must be in possession of a test certificate (antigen test: max. 48 hour, PCR test: max. 72 hours old on entry, proof of recovery from COVID-19 or proof of vaccination. If you are entering with a carrier, you must present the relevant certificate to the carrier before departure.
    • in a risk area that is neither a high-incidence area nor an area of variants of concern, you must be in possession of a test certificate, proof of recovery from COVID-19 or a vaccination certificate, at the latest 48 hours after entry, and must transmit this via the Federal Republic of Germany’s travel portal under
  • Airline passengers entering the country by plane are to observe the basic obligation to furnish proof of testing, recovery or vaccination before departure, irrespective of whether or not they have spent time in a risk area.
  • Please contact your competent health office ( or your doctor without delay should symptoms typical of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (difficulties breathing, newly developed cough, fever or loss of smell or taste) emerge within 10 days of entry into the country.

Do you have any questions on entering or returning to Germany? Please contact your responsible accommodation agent in order to clarify all questions and issues.

Mensen and Cafebars

These canteens are currently open with limited offers and for dining on location:

Besides a limited offer, this means

  • the guidance system as well as instructions by our staff have to be obeyed
  • you'll have to wear medical mouth-nose-protection (at least surgical masks or FFP2- or FFP3-masks) in the whole facility
  • a minimum gap of 1.5 m between people must be maintained
  • desinfection points have to be used, especially before using self-service salad- and dessert offers
  • payment is available by card only
  • Guests are currently not allowed to dine in our canteens

All other Mensen and Cafebars will remain closed until further notice.

financial aid for students

Since November 20th, 2020 students can apply for the BMBF-Financial aid again. What prerequisites apply as well as how and where you can apply is described on the financial-aid-webpage of your social counseling service.

accommodation office and caretaker

The accommodation office and the caretalers are until 01.08.2021 only available to you by phone or e-mail due to the coronavirus. You can find the contact details on the respective dormitory page.

Applications for dorms can be made as usual using our online dorm registration.

counseling services

Even in the current situation, we are still there for you with our social and psychosocial advice:

Social counseling currently offers counseling face to face, by phone or email and via videochat. You can find your contact persons and contact information here.

When you request an appointment from the psychosocial counseling service, please indicate which type of conversation you prefer (by phone or, if necessary, in person, in compliance with hygiene regulations). You can find your contact persons and contact information here. You can find the consultation calendar for simple 24/7 consultation appointment reservations here.

If you need advice on legal advice, please contact the lawyer, Ms. Huber-Schabel.

If you have symptoms of illness or if you feel unwell, please never go to the counseling center, but instead use the option of contactless telephone advice or make a new appointment.


Our childcare facilitiies CampusKids (Merseburg)Kita Weinberg, Halle,  and Kita "Angelika Hartmann", Köthen, offer regular childcare.

The short-time childcare of your Studentenwerk Halle

will remain closed until further notice.

semester ticket

In the summer semester 2021, from 2021-04-01, the following goodwill regulations apply to the semesterticket inspection:

  • If the student ID only has an imprint of the old semester (winter semester 2020/2021, that means the date of validity says until March 31, 2021), the certificate of enrollment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) for the summer semester 2021 must be presented at the time of the semesterticket inspection.
  • It is permissible to show the certificate of enrollment for the summer semester 2021 via mobile phone.
  • In addition, the student's official ID must always be shown.

If the current semester (summer semester 2021, i.e. date of validity until 30.09.2021) is printed, the check is carried out as usual.

These regulations apply until further notice.


Due to the current pandemic-related situation, until 2021-08-01 BAföG counseling is only available by email or phone. In very urgent cases, in which advice by phone or email is not sufficient, we offer you an emergency consultation. You will only receive consultation appointments for the emergency consultation after prior telephone consultation with your clerk.

From August 2nd, 2021, BAföG consultations will again be possible - initially to a limited extent - in the BAföG office in the Weinbergmensa.

You can find all information under opening hours.

update request

The income of my parents has changed so much because of the corona virus that they can no longer support me financially or to the usual extent. What can I do? 

You can apply for BAföG or, if you already have BAföG, apply for an update to get a higher BAföG rate in the current year.

Normally, the parents' income from the penultimate calendar year is taken into account when calculating the BAföG. If parents lose part of their income now, for example due to short-time working due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the BAföG office can take this into account.

If you are already receiving BAföG, you will submit an update request on which the parents or parents affected by the income reduction enter their income information in the calendar years in which the approval period is located. The application must be signed by you and your parents or the parent concerned. You can find the update request here (Form 7).

If you have not yet received a BAföG, but your parents' income has now fallen sharply, you may be entitled to a BAföG. So it can be worthwhile to submit an application. Again, in addition to the normal request, the update request must be made. You can find all application forms here . 

Attention: Funding is provisional! After the end of the approval period, evidence of the parents' actual income must be presented. Then the funding amount is recalculated. If income is too low in the update request, it can be reclaimed.

Further information is available here and from the Office for Training Promotion at the Studentenwerk Halle: bafoeg(at)


corona overview

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared global coronavirus infections a pandemic. The federal authority responsible for infectious diseases and infection protection in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), provides information on its website about the current situation, risk assessment and maintains a detailed FAQ that is constantly updated and expanded.


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